NN in Games

Workshop Neural Networks in Games 2016

June 29-30, 2016

colocated with Computers and Games 2016, Leiden, the Netherlands

The recent advances of researchers with Convolutional Neural Networks and MCTS in Go have prompted the organizers of CG2016 to organize a special workshop on Neural Networks in Games.

The aim of the workshop is to foster exchange of current ideas: short papers, late deadline,  quick reviewing.

Topics of interest are:
Network Architecture (such as Convolutional Neural Networks)
Online Learning methods
Offline Learning methods
Neural Network and search algorithms
Neural Networks for time management
Neural Networks for Board Games
Neural Networks for Video Games
Other applications of Neural Networks in Games

The workshop is colocated with the conference, and will be held in the afternoons of the conference days. The workshop is peer-reviewed by members of the Program Committee, although the reviewing standards will be aimed more at novelty, timeliness and information sharing, and less at the usual academic rigor of the regular conference.

The publication policy of the workshop is aimed at attracting novel ideas and early work, to foster discussion among the participants. The copyright of the papers will remain with the authors. Papers will be disseminated informally, and will be uploaded to arXiv. There will be no formal scientific publication of proceedings, so authors are free to publish (versions of) their work later at regular conferences or journal. (This is in contrast to the policy of CG2016, which is a formal refereed publication with copyright transferral, and an earlier submission deadline.)

Paper Submission Requirements

Short papers of 2 to 6 pages are preferred. The maximum length is 8 pages. The preferred format for submission is PDF, but Word is also acceptable. The paper must be written in the English language. Please follow the instructions for authors available at the Springer LNCS/LNAI Web: http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html.

Authors of papers that are rejected at the Conference may consider submission to the Workshop.

The deadline for sending in papers for the workshop will be May 1, 2016.

Workshop papers are submitted to a light review process.

The notification date of acceptance is May 10, 2016.

Final version due June 1, 2016

The Neural Networks in Games Workshop is held on June 29-30, in the afternoon after the conference.

The CG2016 conference is held at June 29-July 1.

The location is Snellius Building, Leiden University, Netherlands

submission of papers through www.conftool.net/cg2016

Organizing Committee
Aske Plaat
Jaap van den Herik
Walter Kosters